Kai Thai

A pre-birthday dinner was on the cards, so after a little deliberation my mom (fish lover and coriander connoisseur) and I decided on Kai Thai in Parkmore.

Having bestowed the temporary status of Restauranteerer on my mom, off we went.

Team: me and mom a.k.a Team Mother Goose

Décor: I’ve never been to Thailand but a visit to Kai Thai certainly sets the scene. From the bamboo walls and the ornate goddesses to the slightly kitsch plastic flowers, KT delivers on all things Thai.

Vibe: KT is big and the restaurant is divided into little private nooks and crannies as well as large spacious dining rooms. The result of such a spacious dining environment is that even with a number of other patrons, you kind of feel like you’re the only people there. We arrived to an empty restaurant but as the night went on, it started filling up. I imagine KT, being a stone’s throw away from the modern businessman’s CBD (i.e. sandton central), gets rather full over lunch, but dinner offers a quieter more serene atmosphere. So if you’re looking for somewhere with a ‘swinging from the chandeliers’ kind of vibe, perhaps look elsewhere.

Service: Excellent. Every request and comment was followed by a very excited “thank you VERY much” and a blinding smile.

Food: The menu caters for all tastes, from soups to stir fries, from curries to cakes. Ok, there wasn’t really cake but I needed a word that started with a ‘c’ and cake was the first thing I thought of. Take cake to mean dessert in this case. Pricing is reasonable and portions are massive. Seriously, I challenge anyone to polish off a KT main.

Starters – we decided to have the platter for 2 which comprised of 2 veg spring rolls, 2 won tuns, 2 curis puffs and 2 chicken satays. All served with a pile of prawn crackers as well as sweet chili sauce and peanut sauce. In case you didn’t know (I didn’t until I visited KT) a curis puff is kind of like a little pie filled with the most delicious potato gravy kind of thing. Amazing!!It only dawned on me after we polished off the plate that I probably should have taken a photo so I’m afraid you’ll have to use your imagination here.

 Mains – sharing is caring so Team Mother Goose chose 2 dishes that caught our fancy and shared them. Needless to say, we still came away with a doggy bag.

On the cards was prawn pad thai and a classic thai green curry.

Prawn pad thai was a huge pile of tiny noodles mixed with little shrimps, succulent prawns, a little chili and the most delicious peanuts in the world. It was definitely a ‘picky’ dish i.e. in between mouthfuls of noodles and prawn we would search for and pick out the peanuts – tiny little trinkets straight from heaven.

The classic green curry – smooth silky coconut sauce, tender succulent chicken and crunchy veg. Need I say more? Yes, I do need say more – it was served with egg fried rice. Now this egg fried rice was not your one egg wonder – it was packed with flavor, lots of eggy goodness and little bitties of veg. KT is worth visiting purely for the egg fried rice. Do it, thank me later.

 All meals are served mild, medium and hot. To quote KT menu:

“Thai’s use chili with reckless abandon but beginners should be more circumspect” You have been warned!

Dessert – like most Asian eateries, the dessert menu is quite limited. Fruit, ice cream and banana fritters were on offer. Of course I picked the healthiest option – yes, you guessed it – banana fritters. Hot crispy batter, warm squishy banana topped with some peanut sauce. I managed half a banana and a little ice cream before waving the white flag of defeat but it was well worth ordering.

My only tiny complaint for the evening – and I mean tiny in the literal and figurative sense – was to do with the bathroom. It was either designed by a midget or for a midget (hope I’m being p.c here) because I practically had to amputate my legs at the knee to reach it.  Seriously, KT, please get a better loo – thanks!

Note: Kai Thai is famously known for its thai spa adjoining the restaurant which is open until 9pm at night. So you can go for your massage first and finish the evening with a very happy ending – and by happy ending I mean going to the restaurant for food![Get your mind out the gutter!]

Well done Team Mother Goose *chop stick high five*


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