Cube (Part 3)

Round 3 *ding ding ding* Cube is certainly looking strong coming out its corner, let’s hope Team Restauranteering can stay with it until the end.

Note: dead camera batteries and full tummies contributed to the lack of pics in this round… but we’ve made do with what we had.

11. Cheese aka Jelly and custard

Let it just be known, that I am THE greatest cheese lover you will ever know, so when I heard there was a cheese course on offer, I was practically bouncing off the walls. You can imagine my disappointment when I was served a mere smudge of gruyere puree accompanied by a rather explosive wine jelly and a sugar almond ball. Now, my disappointment may not have been all that warranted (some people didn’t mind this course) but it was there none the less. I found the wine jelly completely inedible and the sugar almond ball a bit pointless. The saving grace was the gruyere but there was just not enough of it. All in all, my worst course. That being said, it’s definitely worth trying out for yourself.

12. Dessert (yippee)

As we were told by our waiter, the dessert course is made up of a few little courses that are usually served separately but for general ease of plating we were getting them all together. Cue happy face.

What was presented to us exceeded everyone’s expectations; I’ll break it down for you.

 12.1 Malva pudding – can’t go wrong, but boy, can you go so right! Rich moist sponge covered in warm thick toffee ginger sauce. Cube checked all the boxes.

12.2 Chocolate – a shot glass filled to capacity with warm liquid chocolate ganache could only be enhanced by a meringue topping and what we think was a bar-one flake biscuit covered in macaroon dust.And if that wasn’t enough of a chocolate fix, it was served with a cube of rich, dark chocolate ganache sprinkled with chili *death by chocolate*

12.3 Biscuit tin – macaroons are the new cup cakes, or so the foodies are telling me. Not to be left out, Cube gave us a little tin of strawberry and toffee macaroons and just for good measure, threw in a homemade biscotti. You will be at a loss to find a better macaroon, trust me, I’ve looked. (I’ve been craving them ever since)

12.4 Orange cream – to ensure no one went into a chocolate/sugar coma, we were given the most delectable orange mousse sprinkled with coco to cleanse the palate. I licked that plate clean. Hey, it was fruit after all!

We’re steadily approaching the final bell and Team Cube has Team Restauranteering on the ropes. Team Restauranteering is struggling to stay on its feet, struggling to move.

And with one final lick of a teaspoon, Team Restauranteering hits the mat.


And the crowd goes wild!!!!! (*insert loud cheering noise*)

Team Cube takes the belt, the title, the trophy, the money…pretty much takes any award one could possibly give it! I know I say it about pretty much every restaurant I go to, but you REALLY have to try this place. It will change your perception of good food forever (forever…forever….forever) and you will henceforth be able to tell everyone you know that your foodie bum was kicked whilst your taste buds were made love to by the legend that is Cube – Tasting Kitchen.


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