DW11-13 – Dunkeld West (Again)

One fateful evening, in late March, having shared an unforgettable meal at DW11-13, the restauranteerers stood in the parking lot and made a solemn vow that someday, somehow we would return to this iconic restaurant and break bread once again.

Ok, we didn’t really make a solemn vow in the parking lot that night, that would have been a tad dramatic, but we did say we would return and return we did.

Team: 5 of the original restauranteerers that took on DW that fateful night in late March returned for round 2.

The only aspect of DW that has changed is the menu so the food will be the focus today. If you’re interested in the other details, read about them here.



  1. Alaskan king crab cocktail – this fantastic take on the old classic prawn cocktail, includes the staple marie rose sauce as well as an avocado mousse and a cold corn sorbet. This was my dish and it was superb.  There were a lot of unique flavours but the crab held its own and the corn sorbet was strangely fantastic. I could have done with more crab, but I am a pig.
  2. Beer battered prawns – plump prawns served with avocado mousse, confit tomatoes, aubergine and sweet chilli chutney. I didn’t try the dish but it looked amazing and fellow restauranteerer assured me the prawns were deliciously crispy and complimented by the other components.
  3. Chilli melon salad – chilli infused melon served with buffalo mozzarella, parma ham and rocket. The picture really doesn’t do this dish justice. It was amazing. The mozzarella was perfectly creamy, the parma ham splendidly salty. I’m not one for chilli but it worked well with the cooling melon.
  4. Seared foie gras – served with apple puree and caramelised hazelnut and apple salsa. This starter was dish numero uno on our first visit to DW and I know a few restauranteerers were dying to order it again this time around. They were not disappointed. Foie gras that literally melts in the mouth, a must-do.


  1. Sous vide lamb – lamb roll cooked at a controlled 60oc served with a braised lamb croquette, pickled cabbage and a tomato lamb sauce. My dish, what a smart choice by me! The lamb roll was unbelievably tender, in fact, the tenderest (might not be a real word) lamb I’ve ever had. The croquette was packed with lamby flavour the pickled cabbage was a fantastic side.  The sauce
    had a certain flavour about it that we couldn’t quite put our finger on, maybe
    aniseed, but whatever it was, it was amazing.
  2. Duck –  amazing confit duck served with veggies and smooth truffle mash.  Summed up by one word – rich!
  3. Rib eye steak served with bone marrow sauce and triple cooked chips – this dish was on the menu when we first went to DW, except it was fillet instead of rib-eye. It was a winner then and it was a winner this time around. There was much debate about whether the fillet or rib-eye was better, but overall, the dish was incredible.   P.s I said the rib-eye was better.


Everyone was pretty full up but I pushed through and ordered dessert. Although all items on the menu sounded delicious, nothing really grabbed me and I was left deciding between ice cream and chocolate sauce or Eton mess.  I went for the vanilla bean ice cream and nougat and Belgian chocolate sauce and as great as it was I kind of wished I had gone for the Eton mess (meringues with cream and strawberries). Next time!

A special mention –

Our freebies

Call me cheap, call me grateful, but I just love freebies (bread basket and water not included) DW brought us some fantastic canapés to start off our evening – smoked olives, asparagus with mayo, cherry tomatoes and chicken liver pate. Yum. To end the meal we were given little homemade blueberry marshmallows, deliciously odd and lemon chocolate truffles. In retrospect, I probably didn’t need dessert.

Another successful evening at DW, and whilst a solemn oath was not taken in the parking lot that night, we will return… again!


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