Bayleaf & Sage – Blu Bird Centre

“One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.”
― Robert A. HeinleinFriday

There is a secret little spot hidden in the corner of Blu Bird Centre in Melrose. Well, technically it’s not a secret (considering it’s packed every time I go) but I like to consider it my little secret gem… Bayleaf and Sage (“B & S”).

B & S is a firm favourite of the boyfs family and considering it was his dad’s birthday, I thought it a perfect opportunity to do a quick brekkie review.

Team: Boyfs clan

Décor: I fell in love with the décor at B & S the first time I saw it. The restaurant itself is relatively small and spills out onto the sidewalk of Blu Bird. Outside, bare wooden tables are prettied by mismatched iron chairs with rich brocade cushions, the perfect companions for the upmarket shopping centre. Inside – a little treasure trove of pretty things to look at. Light pours in through the floor to ceiling windows along one side and opposite, the deli section plays home to a variety of tasty treats.

Vibe: Families and couples alike, the beautiful people of the North flock to B & S. Whenever I have been here, the place has been packed and whilst the tables are fairly close together you don’t feel overwhelmed. The wait staff are able to bob and weave between the tables effortlessly and the constant buzz of chatter is not too invasive. Service is quick and tables are turned over quickly.

Service: From the owner/manager who holds the door open upon your arrival to the waitresses who take your order with experienced ease, the service at B & S has always been fantastic. Orders are taken competently and the wait for food is practically non-existent.

Food: B & S is open for breakfast and lunch and so the menu includes a wide variety of those typical breakfast/lunch items, with a B & S twist. The portions are substantial and very well priced.

Being a bit chilly, we ordered the chococinnos to start. Hot chocolate meets a shot of espresso in a big milky mug. I am not a coffee/hot drink drinker which is why this bears mentioning. It was delicious albeit a tad sweet – I should have tasted before I added my sweetener.

Gypsy Royale – both the boyf and his dad ordered B & S’s take on eggs Benedict. Two poached eggs sit atop Emmental dressed toasted seed roll and are topped with either bacon or macon and drenched in hollandaise sauce. The eggs were ordered soft and were poached to perfection letting their bright yellow insides cover the plate. I had a little taste and declared the dish delicious (bear in mind I don’t like poached eggs). The boyf packed away the whole plate and commented that although delicious, it was very rich. I never consider “very rich” a complaint so this dish gets full marks.


Pawpaw breakfast – Now, whilst you will never catch me ordering something quite so healthy, I was glad this dish was ordered by the boyfs mom so that I could taste. Rich, creamy (probably full fat) yoghurt nestled in half a perfectly ripe pawpaw and topped with flaked almonds… a health-nut’s dream. For me, this dish would be the perfect starter to a full English or a platter of pastries., but then again, I am a pig.


Sheperds omelette – my dish and one of my finer choices of late. A 3 egg omelette blankets full flavoured goat’s cheese, roasted rose tomatoes and crunchy asparagus. The slightly charred flavour of the roasted tomatoes cuts through the rich goats cheese which melts slightly under the warmth of the omelette. Served with toast of your choice, this dish is a definite winner.



Bayleaf & Sage never disappoints and I always leave with a huge smile on my face, feeling very spoilt. I will definitely be returning as soon as possible to do a little lunch review. Stay tuned.

Bayleaf & Sage

011 786 0008


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