In Pursuit of the Perfect Pizza

After what feels like a lifetime of blank pages and empty tummies, we’re back!

I’ve decided to take this blog in a slightly different direction, just for now.

To start the “rolling pin” a-rolling (it sounded funnier in my head) I introduce to you…. dun dun dun….

The Pursuit of the Perfect Pizza (aka Pizzalympics)

How it works:

Over the next few days the team at Restauranteering HQ will be compiling a list of Joburg’s best pizza places. There are no pre-requisites. It can be silver spoon or a hole in the wall. Serve only pizza or everything on earth. If it’s in Joburg (the scary areas excepted), we’ll give it a go.

There are only two rules:

1. It must have a wood fired oven. It is not a proper pizza if it is not wood fired. We will not even consider Scooters, Romans, Debonnairs etc; and

2. It must serve alcohol. Just because.




5 thoughts on “In Pursuit of the Perfect Pizza

      • Ah by chance I found a good pizza place in Boksburg tonight – Valentino’s in Killian Lane, Cinderella. I went there long ago and wasn’t very impressed but the new owner Joe is fantastic, he previously had Joe’s Place in Bryanston for 20 years. The restaurant / pub is in a very scrappy little building. The pizza was well priced (a few rand less than chain store ones). Joe is full of ideas, he is working on a dessert pizza menu with chocolate pizza, cherry or strawberries and cream and a few other interesting sounding options. Apart from being happy with the pizza I really liked Joe and hope that the business keeps going from strength to strength

      • Thanks for the update. Valentino’s sounds great, albeit a little far.
        If we’re ever out East we’ll give it a go 🙂

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