Pizzalympics Round 1: Trabella

Being part Italian and part pig, I have devoured my fair share of pizza over the years and those offered by Trabella have always ranked pretty high up on my pizzarometer.

Introduced to this quaint osteria-esque eatery by the boyf a few years ago, I have never been disappointed. So naturally, we (team boyf and I) punted it as destination numero uno.


Décor: Trabella does not offer much by way of décor but this is not necessarily a bad thing. I am a firm believer in keeping things simple and this rings true for Trabella.

Vibe: Bustling, as always. I have never seen Trabella empty, and this speaks volumes. It gets very loud at times but what Italian restaurant doesn’t.

Service: Orders were taken correctly, sangria was flowing and the pizzas all came out at the same time. Not an easy feat with a table of 11 rowdy diners.

Pricing: You’re looking at between R75.00 and R100.00 for a standard size pizza. Very reasonable.


(for a break-down of how the scoring works, check out the Intro)


I’ve always found the Trabella pizza base to be perfect. Thin, crisp and slightly charred on the edges. This is my personal preference when it comes to pizza bases but it would seem that my fellow pizzalympians didn’t quite agree.

Average score – 3.5 out of 5

A coupla’ comments:

“Burnt on edges”;  “Too oily and soggy”; “Like it thinner”;  “Liked the thin base but not quite there”




Wide variety of toppings, ranging from the norms like Regina and Hawaiian (bleg) to something a little more exotic, such as Prawn Teriyaki and Potato and Feta. Also on offer is the Tracy’s special which is pretty much everything you could imagine on one pizza.

Average score: 4 out of 5

A coupla’ comments: “Niiice”; “More even distribution is needed”; “more cheese”; “Amazing! Pumpkin, garlic, chilli and feta, amazing!”; “Fab!!!”

tbpizza1 tbpizza2


A special shout out to the sangria. Whilst it wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, it was winey, fruity and cold.

Average score: 3.5 out of 5

A coupla’ comments: “Yum, see my drool (insert drool spot)” ; “didn’t really blow my socks off”; “great selection, great sangria”; “Great chili as well”

Overall: a solid score of 11 out of 15. Setting the bar high but not unbeatable.

Whilst I was slightly disappointed that my team mates didn’t share my love for Trabella, it still holds its number 1 spot in my heart and I am confident it will rank high on the list of Joburgs best pizza places (even if I have to cook the books. Just kidding, all results have been audited and approved)

Trabella – Illovo Junction, corner Oxford Road and Corlett Drive (Tel: 011 442 0413/4) Booking essential! 

Next up, Round 2: Luca’s 


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