Pizzalympics Round 2: Luca’s

I don’t often read a restaurant’s menu before going to the restaurant, but when I do, I spend an inordinate amount of time salivating over practically every item. Ok, that first bit was a lie. I generally always read a restaurant menu before actually going there. My reason is twofold: 1. It helps me decide whether I actually want to eat there, and 2. It allows me to spend hours deciding what I want to eat instead of making a rushed decision.

Whilst reading Luca’s menu may have reaffirmed our decision to make it destination #2 on our quest for pizza-perfection, it did kind of obliterate my “less is more” mentality. The pizza menu is huge, canvassing the classics and the gourmet with equal devotion. I was hooked from word go!


Décor: I don’t remember much of the décor which leads me to conclude that it was not very memorable (I know, awesome detective work by yours truly).  This isn’t necessarily a negative, it just means I was too involved in conversation and/or sangria to give it much consideration.

Vibe:  Your normal Saturday night pizzeria vibe. Lots of families, lots of chatter.

Service: It had its moments. Whilst somewhat slow off the mark, our waiter was friendly and competent. Orders were taken correctly and food shot out the kitchen.

Pricing: I would say average for the area.  A few pizzalympians thought it was slightly overpriced but I would disagree (take my word for it, worth the money)



I ordered the “fresh pizza” and my base was perfect. It was thin, crispy and slightly charred on the edges. – just the way I like it. I found that of the comments relating to base, quite a few found it a bit dry –  I think this means that there wasn’t enough tomato coverage, but I cant be sure.

Average score: 4 out of 5

A coupla’ comments:  “Perfect clay oven taste” “great texture, right thickness, great crisp” “too dry” “nice & crispy, a little dry at times but mostly delish”




Luca’s topping selection is massive, from your run of the mill classics to the creative and quirky combinations.  My only complaint would be that because everything (and I do mean everything) sounded so delicious, I battled to make a decision. I’ll just have to go back again!

Average score: 4 out of 5

A coupla’ comments:  “Great combos, I loved my fresh pizza choice” “prosciutto was delicious, garlic puree was phenomenal” “rad, but missing something, I don’t know what” “oily”




Special mention must be made of the “fresh pizza” range –  Imagine something along the lines of a focaccia or pizza bianca with totally fresh toppings.  Worth the trip, no matter where you’re coming from. I had the porcini (wild mushrooms) , fior di latte mozzarella and avo fresh pizza. Beyond amazing.

Yes, there is sangria on offer and yes, it was delicious.

Average score: 4 out of 5

A coupla’ comments: “Great pizza, average pizza experience”  hmmm does this mean you didn’t like the company? “garlic sauce smiley face” “pretty awesome” “excellent”



Overall:  With  12 out of 15 Luca’s takes the lead!

Call me fickle but I think I’ve found my new favourite pizza place…well, until round 3, that is. Bravo Luca’s, bravo!

Luca’s 3 Achter Road, Cnr Witkoppen Rd
Tel: 011 234 1085 / 083 601 8145


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