Pizzalympics Round 6: Toni’s

After much deliberation (and I do mean MUCH deliberation), this round’s nominators finally settled on Toni’s in Craighall Park. I’d never heard of Toni’s, so I quickly jumped online to check it out. I was somewhat disheartened to see that it was a franchise/chain/more-than-just one restaurant (note: this is not prohibited by the rules, just something I generally don’t go for) but boy was I wrong to judge this restaurant based on this minor detail.

It is not often I wake up the next day craving the very same thing I ate the night before but Toni’s pizza really was that good…nay…magical!


Décor: Beautiful mosaic pizza ovens aside, I felt Toni’s fell a bit flat in respect of décor. I like my Italian pizzerias to have that old school warm glow-ey candle feel. Toni’s is a little too modern and clinical for my liking. Also not a big fan of plastic chairs.

Vibe: I didn’t think that the restaurant was particularly full, especially for a Thursday night, but considering Toni’s is a massive restaurant I might have just not noticed. Being a table of 9, we created our own vibe and entertained ourselves.

Service: Best service so far. Our waitress was brilliant. She was on the ball and super attentive. She took our orders with absolute precision, which considering their intricacies of our orders (see note on half and half below) was no mean feat. The manager checked on our table several times throughout the night and even took our picture!

oh, look! It's us!

oh, look! It’s us!

Pricing: Average pizza place prices for a bigger than average size pizza. You’re looking at around R90.00 for a decent pizza.

Before we get into scoring, just a quick note on half ‘n half. At Toni’s you’re allowed to order half of one pizza and half of another. If, like me, you struggle to make up your mind (curse you indecisive tummy) then you will love half n half! By the way, you will be charged for only one pizza but the more expensive of the two.


Base: If I am being super critical which, let’s face it, I always am, my base could have been crispier. The edges were crunchy perfection but by the time I got to the pointy end of the slice, it was becoming a little mushy. Even though a few other diners shared my sentiments, Toni’s averaged full marks for base. (If you’re wondering about the maths, I always round-up if more than half a point out unless it’s a half point exactly).

Average score: 5 out of 5

A coupla’ comments: “Would have been a 5 if it wasn’t a bit soggy towards the centre” “BOOM” “Wow, best base around” , “Perfectly thin”, “Asked for crispy and got it perfect”

pizza1 pizza2

Toppings: Toni’s has an extensive menu and due to the half n half option, the possibilities really are endless. Toppings are evenly distributed and don’t weigh down the pizza.

Average score: 5 out of 5

A coupla’ comments: “Maybe a bit more chilli”, “Amazeballs”, “Delicious. Even distribution and delicious combos” “Flavours worked well together, really delicious. Could have had more bacon” “Love the calzone, gonna have it again”

pizza3 pizza5


Awesomeness: I was most disappointed by the sangria which tasted slightly watered down and not quite winey enough. A special mention must be made of dessert. We NEVER order dessert (I’m not sure why, we just don’t). This time around the whole table shared the dessert pizza – pizza base smothered in nutella and topped with melted marshmallows. Not really my cup of tea (not crazy about nutella –  I know, I know –  and found it too sickly.

Average score: 4.5 out of 5

A coupla’ comments: “Brilliant service, average sangria, attentive manager”, “Amazing”, “really delicious, nice atmosphere, good service and sangria was great – with cherries” “Too much of happiness” “Love cherries, kak music and great company”



Overall: A staggering 14.5 out of 15! Toni’s deservedly takes the lead (and I secretly hope it stays there)

The scores speak for themselves. Toni’s has leapt to number one on the score boards and number one in my heart/tummy!


Toni’s Fully Furnished Pizza Co

c/o Lancaster & Clarence

Craighall Park

Tel: 011 447 1318


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