Pizzalympics Round 8: Cosa Nostra

Our final pizzalympics evening saw us sitting in an old Italian restaurant in the heart of Norwood. Cosa Nostra has been around for years and it was the perfect place to host the closing ceremony.


Décor: As mentioned, Cosa Nostra has been around for years and the décor is a true reflection of this. Old photos of Italy adorn the walls alongside a wealth of old Italian nicknacks. The wobbly wooden chairs and tables feel like they are missing a couple of nails and everything looks like it could use a good dusting – but this just adds to the warm trattoria charm which I love.

Vibe: From families sharing plates of pasta inside to old men sharing cigarettes outside, Cosa Nostra is home to regulars.This isn’t a high heels and cocktails kind of place but rather a basic home style Italian restaurant where you can sit with a bottle of wine (or a jug of sangria, if that’s your poison) for hours on end.

Service: You could tell this wasn’t Patricia’s first rodeo. She tackled the orders with graceful ease and a big smile. My only complaint would be that the food came out in batches of 4 or 5. I can only assume that this is because the pizza oven could only handle 4 or 5 at a time. That being said, all our food was on the table within an hour.

Pricing: Average

SCORING (apologies for the lack of photos)

Base: Across the board everyone found the bases unevenly cooked. Half of some pizzas were charred, the other half undercooked. I’ve eaten at Cosa Nostra before and this is not usually the case – bases are usually perfectly cooked and crisp.  I’ll put it down to trying to get 12 pizzas out quickly and accurately.

Average score: 3 out of 5

A coupla’ comments: “Base too thick, prefer thin base”, “Undercooked”; “Not crispy enough”, “Edges a bit more burned than I like”, “Hate a soggy centre”, “Was a bit undercooked and soggy”


Toppings: Cosa Nostra will not be winning any prizes for creativity. You wont find weird and wonderful combinations or toppings that you can’t pronounce…and that’s just fine with me. A restaurant such as Cosa Nostra is not concerned with blowing people away with their creativity. It’s all about proper Italian food made the way Nonna used to.Oh, and yay – real olives!

Average score: 3.5

A coupla’ comments: “lots of cheese”, “mince was perfect with the right amount of chilli”, “toppings were small and difficult to find”, “generous but a little bland. Pizza was lukewarm”, “delicious”


Awesomeness: This isn’t really awesome, but I didn’t know where else to put it – it is extremely hot inside this restaurant. The poor AC cannot handle the intense heat generated by the pizza oven and the tiny windows don’t help. Go naked.Oh yes, we had sangria and it was good!

Average score: 3.5 out of 5

A coupla’ comments: “It’s all about who you’re with”, “Nice to not wait for an hour”, “Awesome but not amazing”, “great authentic atmosphere, pizza ok”, “Nice vibe and cool old spot but pizza a little disappointing”, “They were really quick but menu lacked a bit of X factor”


Overall: 10 out of 15

As mentioned, I’ve been to Cosa Nostra before and eaten quite a few items off the menu. I’ve never been disappointed. Don’t let this review sway you. Go, just don’t go in a big group.

Cosa Nostra

Corner Grant and Isis Roads


 011 728 1833


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