Having spent close on a year searching for Joburg’s best pizza (see our results here), I was pretty pizza-ed out. Ok, that last part was a lie, but I was wondering whether my body, and mind, could undergo another competition of this nature. So, I sat myself down and asked myself some important questions:

Each question started with “Olivia”, because not only did I need to get serious with myself but that is also my name –

  1. Olivia, do you like burgers?
  2. Olivia, do you want to eat lots of them?
  3. Olivia, do you enjoy talking to yourself like a crazy person?

I answered yes to all 3 questions and just like that I had convinced myself to take part in the most celebrated and renowned FoodOlympics of them all…BURGERLYMPICS!

I faced only one more challenge –  to convince Team Restauranteering. It didn’t take much – the promise of delicious burger juice dribbling down their chins, hot melty cheese oozing out of soft buttery rolls and crispy potatey goodness dipped into tangy tomato sauce seemed to do the trick. (and of course we voted #democracy).

In case you hadn’t already guessed (hey, we all have slow days) the only difference between Burgerlympics and Pizzalympics is that we will test out Joburg’s best BURGER joints and not PIZZA places. I know, right? Wow.

The Process

Pretty much the same as Pizzalympics:

  1. Nominate your favourite place;
  2. Everyone go to person’s favourite place;
  3. Everyone order a burger (meat, poultry or veggie – but if you’re ordering a veggie burger we probably can’t be friends anymore so don’t bother coming or ever contacting me again)
  4. Score honestly.


Slightly different catagories this time around:

  1. Patty
  2. Toppings/combos
  3. Ease of consumption (i.e how well your burger held together and went into your tummy, via your mouth, obviously)
  4. Service
  5. Awesomeness (anything goes here)

Each category will be scored out of 10 giving an overall score of 50.

The Rules

Once again there are only 2 rules in relation to a nominated restaurant:

  1. It must serve alcohol;
  2. It must not suck i.e steers (disclaimer: this rule does not mean you cannot nominate a franchise it just means it cannot be a sucky one)

Good luck everyone.

May your buns be big and your patties juicy!


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