Burgerlympics Round 1: The Wolfpack

Team GO (Gary and I) were rather devastated when Wolfpack was selected by Team CJ (Charleen and Jerome). It would have been our pick as it was at the time our favourite burger joint. Having made peace with the situation, we wiped the tears from our eyes and the drool from our mouths and set out on a sunny Sunday afternoon to Parkhurst.



I love the décor at Wolfpack. From the bare brick wall to the orange and turquoise chairs and tables, Wolfpack just smacks of retro awesomeness (*not a real word). The restaurant is divided into two sections, downstairs where we sat, and upstairs –  an amazing little astro-turfed rooftop with wooden tables and chairs. The roof is my favourite spot, sit there if you can.



We’ve been to Wolfpack a few times and it is always packed. It isn’t particularly big and diners are crammed in, this makes for a rather noisy time. I’m not adverse to noise but I do find it a little much at times. Maybe they need to turn the music up or ask people to talk softer, not quite sure, but I found myself struggling to hear the people next to me and speaking in my loudest possible voice (my normal voice is pretty damn loud so that’s saying a lot). Once again, if you can, sit on the roof.



I ordered a beef burger (something I’m going to try and do at every place we visit) cooked to medium. My patty was a little under done and a lot under-seasoned. The basting on the patty was fantastic but it definitely needed some salt and spice.

Average score –  7/10

A coupla’ comments – “needed more seasoning”; “perfectly cooked”; “needed more spice!”; “perfectly cooked, thick and juice”; “more seasoning needed, a little sauce or basting”




Being a place that specializes in burgers, Wolfpack has all your bases covered. I’ve looked at the menu quite a few times and I’m still always hard pressed to make a decision. This time around I kept it simple with bacon and avo. The bacon was incredible (but let’s be honest, it’s hard for bacon not to be) but the avo/guac was lacking in…something. The menu describes it as “feta creamed avocado” and I think it was a bit heavy on the feta and light on the avo. More avo!

The Big Bad Wolf – the signature Wolfpack burger – was ordered by quite a few diners and it received rave reviews. You can’t go wrong with a beef burger topped with every ingredient on earth (slight exaggeration –  it only has 8).

All burgers come with a choice of sides – either fried (fries, polenta chips, onion ring etc) or fresh (salads). I ordered my burger with polenta chips and an extra portion of wasabi onion rings. I got less than a handful of polenta chips which I thought was a bit mean but the wasabi onion rings were incredible!

Average score – 8/10

A coupla’ comments – “avo and bacon good but I should have added cheese”; “crisp lettuce, great roll, fresh”; “good, but cheese cooled and got dry”; “cant’s ask for more (big bad wolf)”; “delish, especially the onion rings in the burger”.



Ease of Consumption:

For those who are a little confused, “ease of consumption” basically means how well your burger stayed together. You should never, and I repeat NEVER, have to eat a burger with a knife and fork. You also shouldn’t be left with soggy bread and no toppings or half a patty and no bun. Wolfpack burgers are amazing, there is the perfect ratio of bun to patty and the buns themselves hold up pretty well to all the toppings and delicious patty juice.

On a side note: Wolfpack offers a “gluten free” option for all the gluten intolerant/paleo/high fat, low carb/”bread is the devil” people out there. Do not order it. It’s crap that will cost you an extra R12.00. Please note, I did not order a gluten free bun – I love me some carbs – but I did taste it so I am speaking from a place of knowledge…and regret.

Average score – 8/10

A coupla’ comments – “banting roll sucked”; “not bad, but I’m good at keeping it together”; “two handed goodness, fitted in the mouth”; “the bottom bun was smaller than the top and it got messy/tricky”



Service at Wolfpack has always been great. We were a relatively large table and all our orders were taken correctly and came out at the same time. Our waiter was always close by to make sure we had enough to drink and waited patiently as we checked, re-checked the bill and counted and re-counted the money. I note that some fellow restauranteerers commented that it was a little slow…perhaps they are just impatient haha.

Average score – 8/10

A coupla’ comments –  “A little slow”; “no issues but drinks took a little long”; “good, order was on point”; “efficient”.


To be honest, I was a little disappointed with Wolfpack this time around (Disclaimer: I was in a bad mood on the day but I have tried to not let this fact cloud my judgment). I found it a bit noisy, the patty a bit bland and the polenta chips a bit sparse. The service, wasabi onion rings and Fiery Ginger beer (on tap) rescued it for me.

Average score – 8/10

A coupla’ comments –  “a good experience, beers are good”; “great beer selection & mates”; “above average”; “enjoyed the cocktail”; “noisy and not in a good way”.


Overall: 39/50

If you haven’t already been to Wolfpack –  go! Although personally, I was a little let down this time around I will definitely go back. It is an iconic burger spot with a lot to offer by way of selection and service. As a group, we all left with full tummies and big smiles – I guess that says it all.

The Wolfpack

21, 4th Avenue Parkhurst

087 550 3520


2 thoughts on “Burgerlympics Round 1: The Wolfpack

    • Hey Adam! I’ve been to the Smokehouse a few times. Love their ribs! Haven’t tried a burger yet…how do you think it would fare in our competition?

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