Burgerlympics Round 2: Gourmet Garage

Next up was someone relatively new to Food O’lympics –  Lindsay, who chose Gourmet Garage. Gourmet Garage has been around forever – seriously, I think Adam and Eve might have eaten there when they got kicked out of Eden – but oddly, it isn’t a place I’ve frequented very often. I had a look at the menu online and while I wasn’t blown away I wasn’t put off either, which I guess is a good thing.

Anyway, after fellow Olympians dropped like flies, 9 of us set off to Monte Casino to shovel burgers in our faces.



I’m not sure why but I thought Gourmet Garage would be a lot… garagier? More of a diner. It wasn’t. A bit plain and simple, if I’m honest, granted we were sitting outside staring at the cobbled walkways of Monte Casino. Maybe inside was better.

Gourmet Garage is situated slap bang in the middle of the casino. This automatically makes the restaurant feel fuller and as if it has more of a vibe. This doesn’t necessarily mean the restaurant has a cool vibe, it just means it’s slap bang in the middle of a bustling casino. Side note: I hate casinos.



Once again I ordered a beef patty cooked to medium. My patty was perfectly cooked, really flavourful and juicy. Gary ordered his patty medium rare and it was totally overcooked. From the comments, this appeared to be the exception to the rule as most people rated their patty pretty high. My only complaint was that the patty seemed a bit small. They offer double patties, so if you’re a pig go with that.

Average score – 8/10

A coupla’ comments –  “Delish. Perfectly cooked and tasty but a bit small for the bun”; “very tasty and well cooked, a bit small”; “overdone, bit plain but nice”; “Soft, juicy, nice basting”




You’ll find nothing but traditional combinations here. Nothing too extreme or adventurous. I guess if it ain’t broke. I noticed that none of the burgers came with avo. How is this even allowed? I asked for extra avo on mine and basically received an unsliced avo half on my patty. Tasty but impractical. By the way, the monkey gland burger looked amazing, next time I’ll go for that…with a properly SLICED avo of course.

Average score: – 8/10

A coupla’ comments –  “Cheese was perfectly melted”: “very generous with cheese”; “nice chilli sauce” “good but had food envy”; “cheese, caramelized onions were great. Bacon should be more crispy”



Ease of Consumption:

The burger/bun ratio was a little off, in my opinion. The bun was slightly too big for the patty, or the patty was too small for the bun – either or. If you’re banting/gluten intolerant, you won’t find a bun alternative here but ask for a double patty without the roll and use a knife and fork, the patties are good enough.

Average score – 8/10

A coupla’ comments – “pretty perfect”; “bun was bigger than patty and got a bit soft”; “good considering I ate it with a knife and fork”



Fantastic. Our waiter took our order correctly and was even patient enough to take a text order for the late comers.

Average score – 8/10

A coupla’ comments – “excellent”; “waiter was on the ball”; “no issue, food was quick” “waited a while for drinks but all was correct”


Gourmet Garage is a great restaurant if you want a bite to eat and don’t want to spend the night there. Service was excellent, food arrived quickly and everyone left happy. Will I celebrate a birthday there? No. But I’ll totally pop in again for a quick burger. Suggestion? Move locations, casinos suck.

Average score – 8/10

A coupla’ comments –  “Great burger, def be back”; “very quick, good for a Tuesday night”; “nothing special”; “give it a bash”; “great, tummy is full”


Overall: 40/50 (Current 1st place)

Overall I really enjoyed my burger at Gourmet Garage (minus the giant avo) but as far as atmosphere and vibe goes, I was a little disappointed. This might be due to the fact that it was a Tuesday night, but still. If you’re after a really great traditional burger then Gourmet Garage is your place.

Gourmet Garage 

Monte Casino

011 511 0526


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