Burgerlympics Round 3: Hudsons The Burger Joint

Gary and I were up next. After our first choice (Wolfpack) was stolen from right under our noses we were a bit hard pressed to find a suitable second choice. Having only been to Hudsons once before we weren’t 100% sold  but we wanted to go somewhere that had that burger joint feel and that would appeal to the masses. So, Hudsons it was.



Baby beer!




I love the feel of Hudson’s. A double volume restaurant all decked out in wood on the corner of busy 4th avenue, Parkhurst. Inside, the slate floors and industrial furniture make this modern burger joint even more awesome. There is a big upstairs space which seems really empty, I think it could do with a few more chairs and tables because this would also be a great place to sit.


As mentioned, we’ve been to Hudsons before. On the previous occasion we went during the week and sat inside. The restaurant was packed and it was really noisy – uncomfortably so. This time around we opted to sit outside and it was perfect.  We could enjoy the busy vibe of the restaurant whilst people watching and soaking up the sun.



I don’t recall being asked how I wanted my patty cooked but as I ordered the sliders (3 mini burgers) I don’t think they could really cook the patty to order. Although perfectly seasoned and delicious, I’d have to be honest and say that my patties were a little overdone and on the dry side. Again, I think its hard to pull of a perfect medium with a mini burger so I’ll let it slide (haha, get it?). Going from other comments, a lot of other people agreed with me about the patty being overdone.

Average score – 7 / 10

A coupla’ comments –  “A little burnt but good”; “amazing flavour”; “tasty, flavoured well, not too dense”; “tasted good but too soft and fall aparty”; “delicious”







Hudson’s really takes first prize when it comes to combos and topping selections. They cover all the bases (one of the reasons we chose it). If, like me, you’re hard pressed to choose just one burger, go with one of the slider options. You will not be disappointed. You also have a choice of sides, including the disco fries which are normal French fries topped with chili and cheese. Amazing!

Note: Hudson’s also caters for our banting friends. You can have your burger guido style (wrapped in lettuce) or on one of their banting rolls. I tasted a little bit of the roll, it was pretty damn good. A worthy substitute.

Average score – 8 / 10

A coupla’ comments – “Yum!”; “topping very sweet”; “tasty but too little”; “huge selection, sliders are perfect for when you can’t decide”; “perfect amount of cheese, bacon and chilli”; “tomato too strong and no biltong flavour” 


Banting bun!



Ease of Consumption:

Again, I ordered sliders – mini burgers are generally a two bite job and tend to hold up well. My comments would therefore not be a true reflection. According to my second in command, Gary, “it (the patty) was still a little soft, but held together till the end..and the bun was the perfect size for it (the patty)”.

Thanks Gary.

Average score – 9 / 10

A coupla’ comments – “perfect”; “had banting roll, easy to hold”; “soft, breaking into nice bite size pieces”; “held together well, bun slightly too big”; “easy to eat”


We had a few waitresses throughout the day, all of whom did a fantastic job. It seems that anyone who is in the area will happily take your order.  Our order was taken correctly and there were no problems. They are also all very attractive, which helps. The only complaint was that they were a little slow getting the orders out but hey, there were 14 of us.

It was fellow restauranteerer Charleen’s birthday and they happily sang happy birthday (although forgetting her name along the way) and gave her an awesome chocolate brownie to mark the occasion. Yay!


Charleen aka Birthday Girl

Average score – 8 / 10

A coupla’ comments – “friendly and attentive”; “slow but friendly”; “service was great”; “waitress knew the products but too a little too long”; “fairly slow”


Hudsons have an incredible milkshake and cocktail menu. The shakes and, um, tails (?) are served in goblet sized glasses and are unbelievable. I had order envy when everyone started ordering gourmet shakes but as I was nursing a hangover, I stuck to my blood mary.

20150809_142302 20150809_125636

Average score – 8 / 10

A coupla’ comments – “great vibe, bit noisy and slow”; “cool vibe, I’ll be back”; “a great experience”; “nice location but slow service”

Overall: 40 / 50 (and we have a tie!)

I love Hudsons, I really do. I love the vibe of the restaurant, I love the Bloody Marys the size of your head and I love the friendly staff. I also love that they aren’t scared to put pretty much anything on top of a burger..I mean, pulled pork on a burger? Come on! (Note to self: order that burger next time).

Hudsons The Burger Joint Parkhurst

Corner 4th Avenue and 14th Street


011 268 0713





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