Burgerlympics Round 8: Ed’s Diner, Pretoria

We ventured to the other side of the (boerewors) curtain for this month’s Burgerlympics. Ed’s Diner, Pretoria to be exact. I was a little on the fence about whether or not this should be allowed, it being about Joburg’s best burgers but democracy prevailed and off we went.




Ed’s Diner is pretty much the epitome of an all American burger joint. Think checkered floors, big booths, pin ball machines and old school American art. We don’t have anything quite like it in Joburg and so we were all suitably impressed.


Ed’s Diner is laid out over three floors –  this place is massive. We were seated upstairs on the balcony and being 20 people, sort of took over the space. I can’t really comment on the vibe of the rest of the restaurant but I imagine it gets pretty full, especially on a Saturday (I’m thinking the diner scene from Grease – awesome!)



Ed’s Diner is totally old school when it comes to their patties. You get the original or double. Trust me, go with the original – it is HUGE. I obviously went for the beef patty but there is also chicken, deboned rib and vegetarian on offer. Beef patties are cooked rare, medium or well. I ordered mine medium and it was pretty spot on. Although the patty itself was well spiced and juicy I found that the meat was too compact (tightly pressed?) and the size put me off a little. Bigger isn’t always better *gasp*

Average score –  8/10

A coupla’ comments – “perfect, taste consistency, perfectly cooked”, “cooked perfectly but lacked a bit of seasoning”, “a little undercooked”, “super large but not so tasty and a bit dry”



This isn’t a build your burger kind of place and that’s just fine. There are thousands (I exaggerate) of options on the menu and all your bases really are covered. I went for my usual – bacon, avo and blue cheese sauce (the sloppy joe) but there were quite a few combos that caught my eye. The sauce was served on the side which was nice because you could add however much you wanted. Bun choices – normal, ciabatta, gluten free and bun-less aka stupid. Your normal choice of sides but you are allowed to order half and half, which is nice.

Average score – 7/10

A coupla’ comments –  “bacon was burnt and cheese flavourless”, “generous and tasty, couldn’t find fault”, “great combo but needed a matching sauce”, “ice cold and cheese wasn’t melted”


Ease of consumption:

As mentioned, these burgers are massive. I had to cut mine into quarters just to try to fit it into my mouth. Alas, I failed and resorted to knife and forking it – which, as you know, I hate. The patty itself held together fine but it was very tightly packed.

Average score –  7/10

A coupla’ comments –  “bun was too big so had to use a knife and fork (burgers get eaten with hands)”, “mine was massive yet I ate it with my hands until the end”, “I had to cut my burger up…4 times. Even then I couldn’t get it in my mouth and had to use a knife and fork”



As we were a table quite a big table, we had two waiters serving us. Service was attentive and our orders were all taken correctly. However, when the burgers arrived, things started falling apart – orders were confused and some people ended up eating other people’s sides. A little leeway must be given as we were a big table.

Average score – 7/10

A coupla’ comments – “Fairly attentive but descended into chaos when orders arrived, plenty of mixed up orders”, “got a little thirsty and had to beg for ice”, “was quite good but lost points on not getting a waiter at the end”


Most of us commented on how awesome the décor of Ed’s was and how cool the place was overall. The giant burgers certainly were a talking point but if I’m honest, I found them a little off-putting. Some brave little soldiers ordered the double burgers. How they are still alive is beyond me. I pride myself on having a massive appetite but I struggled to finish my burger and felt quite ill afterwards but hey, most people like ‘em big.

Average score – 8/10

A coupla’ comments –  “was generally a good burger but sides let it down”, “Love the venue, great décor but menu smelled like wet dog”, “loved the menu and choices. Service wasn’t great.”

Overall: 37/50

While I loved the restaurant concept and the menu, I personally was not blown away. I thought a lot of it was style (and size) over substance. What the burgers lacked in flavor they made up for in size and I can see how this can be appealing to some people. From the comments, it would seem that service let it down. We had two waiters so there are really no excuses here.

Would I go back? Definitely, I’m just not sure I would order a burger and I probably wouldn’t go in a big group.






TEL: 012 998 8802