The Rules

Some famous guy (George Bernard Shaw to be exact) once said: “There is no love sincerer than the love of food” and in support of my love of food I decided to “invent” a new hobby.

Note: I use the word invent liberally as I’m pretty sure I didn’t actually create this pass time, but I have claimed it as my own.

This hobby shall henceforth be known as RESTAURANTEERING.

Restauranteering, for those who aren’t in the know, is the act, sport if you will, of visiting as many different restaurants as possible and partaking in the age-old tradition of eating-out.(This is not the official definition for the dictionary happy people out there)

Sounds simple enough but there are a few rules:

1.One should not restauranteer alone. This is creepy and may cause fellow diners to look upon you with sorrow and possibly, disgust.

2.Alcohol should be consumed throughout the duration of the event. There are countless reasons why this rule must be obeyed. For example, alcohol may enhance the taste of the food, enhance the quality of the company and obviously drinking gives you something to do with your hands before the food arrives.

3.Take-away joints DO NOT count as acceptable restauranteering locations. If you’re poor and can’t afford a decent restaurant, find another hobby.
Note: “value-for-money” and “surprisingly well-priced” places are fine, “Wow, R100.00 for a table of 10” kinda places are not.

4.It is mandatory to let everyone at the table taste what you’ve ordered. We can’t all order everything on the menu so be polite, load some food on your fork and hand it over.
Note: If you suffer from cold sores, mouth ulcers or any other face/mouth related ailment, you are exempt from obeying this rule.

And that’s it. Those are the rules.

In accordance with rule 1, I gathered a group of friends, broke my piggy bank, and for the last few months we’ve been restauranteering our way around Joburg.

We will post some reviews (and hopefully some pics) of some of the places we’ve visited so far and the experiences we’ve had. All future restauranteering excursions will also be documented for your pleasure.



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